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Our next-gen award winning digital learning products empower educational publishers with multi-channel, multi-format content creation and distribution. Shape strategies for excellence by providing users anytime, anywhere access to your products.

MagicBox™ - For Excellence in Educational Publishing


Cut Time to Market

With a powerful course authoring tool, you not only save on effort and resources, you also save on time to create content. With multiple inbuilt templates and themes, creating completely branded titles becomes a breeze. Cut time to market by up to 40% with MagicBox™.


Different Market Models

MagicBox helps educational publishers distribute content via Business to Business, Business to Customer as well as to the Library market models.


Easier and Safer Data Exchange

Seamlessly integrate third-party apps, including industry standards like OneRoster, Google Classroom, Clever, ClassLink and much more. Offer educational customers a complete solution on a single platform with the power of MagicSync™.


Protect Your Content

Retain complete control over your intellectual properties while offering customers a choice of subscription type. MagicBox™ supports multiple licensing models – user-based, domain-based and device-based licenses. Prevent piracy, control access and maximize monetization.


Go Global

Stay compliant with a digital publishing platform that is compliant with regulations across regions, including FERPA, COPPA and GDPR, as well as industry standards like LTI, QTI and SCORM. Take your educational publishing company global with MagicBox™.

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Your Top Questions Answered

MagicBox™ is a one-stop digital education management solution that enables educational publishers to create or assemble and deploy courses. Publishers can also convert their existing print content into fixed layout, IDPF-compliant ePub3 content with just a click of a button.

MagicBox™ enables the creation and distribution of a wide variety of digital content formats.

You can review copies, while resources can be bundled and added easily to the digital library for convenient user access.

The robust analytics dashboard offers valuable insights into what content is selling and what isn’t, so that publishers can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Yes, you can easily provide trial access via the access code generation tool. Temporary access can be given for any digital content or a collection of content for a timeframe specified by you. Publishers now gain insight into how users are accessing their content and can engage at a deeper level and increase adoption rates with this.

Typically, a white-labeled web-browser and ~2 apps take 6-8 weeks. A web browser alone can be delivered in about 2 weeks, if you want a white-label solution.

MagicBox™ supports all standard types of content including video, audio, PDF, ePub, SCOR, games and simulation etc.

MagicBox™ offers robust digital rights management and privacy control features. Educational eBook publishers can control their content through:

  • Content Control: This ensures that without your permission, no user can make changes to the content.
  • Share Control: This feature prevents duplication and illegal sharing of the content.
  • Expiry Control: With this, you can decide for how long a user can access your content.
  • Device Control: This gives you control over how many devices can access your content via a single subscription or license.

With the white label eCommerce store on MagicBox™, educational publishers can easily monetize their content, while providing users a complete brand experience. Our collaboration with Shopify also enables publishers to offer safe payment gateways, including PayPal, Sage, and PayUMoney. MagicBox™ can also be integrated with other standard gateways, on a needs-based basis.

Our in-house support center caters to the urgent needs of our clients by providing prompt and responsive support, where every ticket is monitored and evaluated on technical and quality assurance parameters.

We also offer Tier 1 support as a service, in which case, our customer support team can handle any end user inquiry and issues for your instance of MagicBox™. 

Why Educational Publishers Love MagicBox™

Monetization Opportunities

Provide a complete brand experience, tailored to each client organization, with a white label educational publishing platform that takes care of all upgrades and apps.


MagicBox™ seamlessly integrates with other LMSes, such as Moodle, D2L and Blackboard, as well as third-party apps. Turn on and off apps on a needs-basis.

Powerful Assessment Engine

Create and distribute adaptive, formative, summative, standards-based and video assessments, question banks and more, and offer ease of grading with GradeCam and a machine learning-based evaluation matrix.

Custom Logins for Academic Institutions

Create custom logins and landing pages for educational institutions and associations, so that the members or students can access the digital material via license and access codes on a site branded just for those partners.

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MagicBox for your digital publishing needs

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